Why Ping Pong is the ultimate stress buster

It’s no secret that excessive stress can play havoc with our health. Along with a balanced diet, decent sleep and exercise, ping-pong is a surprisingly effective (not to mention fun) stress buster. Not only does table tennis help to relax our brains, but it also aids us in overcoming anxiety and offers great relaxation benefits.

Brain Booster

This old English sport helps to improve memory and mood, enhances attention span and, above all, keeps the brain activated. So, what’s the secret to de-stressing with ping pong? Warm up with a few pre-match stretches, get stuck in with at least 30 minutes of play and enjoy the company of others while you knock it out (socializing in itself is a fabulous way to de-stress).

What makes ping pong such good therapy?

This classic mind and body game involves a number of strategies and requires concentration, attention and coordination. With complete movement, it promotes improved blood circulation and activates the brain cells, which in turn reduce stress. Playing ping pong is also known for having positive effects on our thoughts and behaviour.

Tips for getting on your ping pong:

• Pre-plan when you’re going to play. The more regular, the better. In London for instance there are plenty of table tennis tables in public parks. Why not meet up with a friend for a round of table tennis on a weekly basis? It a fantastic way to catch up, while having good old fashioned healthy fun.
• Aim to play for at least 30 minutes at a time to really find your stride.
• Whether you arrange a night out at Bounce for a ping pong marathon or you invite your friends over for a ping pong house party complete with your favourite playlist, make the most of the socialising opportunities presented by the little white ball.

As a final takeaway,  ping pong can be played by young and old. Get kids, grandparents and everyone in between involved for a few rounds. Visit Gosportsreviews.com to find out more about how ping pong improves body and mind.

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