My Journey with Reiki

My journey with reiki began eleven years ago when I started treating myself to monthly sessions with a reiki Master. The positive effect it had on me, inspired me to want to learn the ways of this ancient art and so I trained to also become a practitioner. Reiki is one of those arts that needs to be experienced to be known.


Tracey Joubert in her reiki studio in Newlands, Cape Town. Photo credit: Romy Chevallier.

Reiki Explained?
Reiki is hands-on energy healing in which energy of the purest form is channeled through an individual, to the receiver, with the intention of healing. When you injure yourself, your body knows how to heal itself. There is no conscious process at play; instead our bodies possess curative intelligence which allows the healing to take place. I liken reiki to this natural magic. The difference is that in reiki the healing magic is supercharged and directed with intention. If reiki finds you and if it resonates with you, you will have no doubts about its power. It can work miracles.
When I started going for my sessions eleven years ago I had a stressful job and felt completely stuck in my life. Every month my practitioner would meet me with unconditional love and compassion – my monthly reiki session became my haven. It was a space in which I didn’t have to talk, I could just ‘be’ and fall into an hour of safety and peace, away from my burdened outside existence.


Tracey channeling energy. Photo credit: Romy Chevallier.

Energy Channeling
My practitioner and I would chat briefly before the session and then she would make sure I was comfortable and cosy, while positioning me on a healing bed, fully-clothed and warmly wrapped. Her soothing voice would guide me into a deeply relaxed space and from there the magic of touch would take over. As she channeled powerful healing energy, I would sink into a deeper calm and peaceful realm that allowed me to access my own natural intuition and all the wisdom I needed to carry me through the next few weeks. I came away from every session feeling comforted, supported and held.

From these beginnings, I now teach and practice reiki and every day I marvel at how it changes people. There is an instant glow on everyone who receives it. If it resonates and you’re open to the magic of experiencing it, it can bring deep healing to all levels of your being.


Tracey practicing reiki. Photo credit: Romy Chevallier.

About the Author: Tracey Joubert is a Cape Town-based healing practitioner who specialises in Thai Reflexology, Reiki and Chi Massage. She is currently running a special at R280 for an hour session. Contact Tracey at 084 5049671/

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