8 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

By Suzy Reading We all know the importance of adequate sleep and my mantra is: sleep for sanity! Those early days of adjusting to life with a new-born made the connection for me between clarity of thought and sleep blindingly apparent. Yet for many of us, a good night’s sleep can be likened to the […]

How Yoga Can Help you Sleep Better

Ask the Medical Expert –  “Can yoga help with sleeplessness and struggling to fall asleep? What techniques would you recommend?” Sleepless nights were a massive burden in my life in the past. Yoga has been an incredibly successful remedy for attending to my sleeping difficulties, it has perhaps liberated me from insomnia for life! This […]

6 Ways to Live a Healthier & Better Life in London

It’s no secret that the pace of London life is full-on.  We work 12-hour days just to cover basic expenses and when winter rolls round we go to work and come home in the dark. This makes it  ever more tempting to head to the pub  than go for a run. Our weeks become like […]