Running tour in Edinburgh

Price: $27

Duration: 6 Miles

In a Nutshell...

The 6-mile guided running tour in the Pentland Hills, near to Edinburgh, Scotland, with spectacular views and fun trails to explore.

Pentland Taster Running Tour

The whole run in The Pentlands is spectacular and a fantastic introduction to these beautiful hills. This run is not about exploring architecture and places of interest, instead you’ll be enjoying the peace and tranquillity of The Pentland Hills. You’ll also get to see Castlelaw Hill Fort.

Given the terrain, this running tour is more challenging than most of the other tours, and is not recommended for the inexperienced runner. It is a stunning circular route around The Pentland Hills, which will leave you feeling invigorated and buzzing. For a slightly longer run in the Pentland Hills, opt for the Pentland Playtime running tour.


£27 for one runner
£50 for two runners; if booked in together
Thereafter it is an extra £10 per additional runner if booked in as part of a group. Groups are kept as small and personable as possible.

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