How Meditation Leads to Business Success

I saw it in bright and bold colour. My vision: Women4Adventure had grown into a media powerhouse. I was the head honcho working with a group of adventure journalists and creating content that inspired women to connect to the outdoors in an active way. Within seconds my business got bigger and then even bigger. I was being interviewed on international TV, there were Women4Adventure billboards all over the city and we were regularly exploring the world’s best hiking, skiing and cycling routes – all in the name of Women4Adventure. I was happily #LivingTheDream. And then Simon said, “three, two, one…open your eyes.” Our ten-minute business meditation had come to an end, but the blissful feeling lingered on.

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Sharing Passion

I’d signed up for a 5-day business workshop hosted at the South Kilburn Studios in London. It was facilitated by Simon Paine, the CEO of the PopUp Business School for start-ups. Our group of twelve laughed, shared stories, bonded and most importantly: learnt. We covered everything from business-focus to marketing to social media to tax. There was a baker, an African drumming teacher, a web designer, a wellness specialist, a retailer and a videographer among others in our group and after five days of sharing our challenges and passions with one another, we felt a bit like family.

PopUp Business School.

Meditation session facilitated by Simon from the PopUp Business School.

The Power of Meditation

Simon has run a number of businesses throughout his life and is a firm believer in the power of meditation. “It helps us with confidence-building, focus, stress-relief and resilience, which are all directly linked to business success,” he said. “Many of the world’s most successful people swear by daily meditation.”

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Meditation in Practice

To give us a taster, Simon instructed us to close our eyes. We started with a few deep breaths and then had to visualize our feet firmly grounded to the earth. “Imagine a bubbly, relaxant liquid coming from beneath the earth’s surface and swooshing up your feet and up along your legs,” said Simon in a soothing tone. The relaxing liquid worked its way through our hips, up to our arms and all the way to our heads. By the time we reached the ultimate state of relaxation, Simon asked us to envision our businesses. “Look at yourself in the mirror and see your success story, observe the colours and the way you are feeling,” he instructed. I was happily envisioning Women4Adventure as an extremely successful online magazine, but then Simon said, “Blow it up, double your success.” All of a sudden Women4Adventure was also a hard-copy magazine and I was running a successful team. “Double it!” said Simon again. Women4Adventure was a global sensation! By the time our meditation ended, we were all smiling and ready to take our businesses to the next level.

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Simon believes that meditation can be a life-changing tool and has seen how it’s helped many people deal with their demons. In short he says, “We get what we think about.”

Try it out! 5-10 minutes per day of meditation may just change your life!

Read more about the PopUp Business School at and follow them on Twitter @popUPbusiness.

Franki Clemens is the founder and editor of Women4Adventure. Originally from South Africa, she now lives in London where she spends her time in search of the next outdoor adventure.

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