Hypnobirthing: what it’s all about

Nine months ago I knew very little about pregnancy and maternity matters (in fact, I didn’t really know how to change a nappy!). This all changed very rapidly as soon as Adam (my husband) and I found out we were expecting a baby boy. Before I knew it I had entered a world of books […]

Boost your wellbeing through woodwork

Woodworking, whether hobby or profession, is an engaging craft that fills up your time, takes up your energy, and employs your physical and creative skills. One could easily take on a DIY project or a home renovation assignment and just get lost in it—in a positive way. And while there could be challenging instances, tiring […]


How to Maximise your Leave in 2019: Be Holiday Savvy

Our friends at Health & Fitness Travel kindly sent over this handy little infographic, which succinctly outlines the key 2019 holidays you can book here in the UK to maximise your leave. In fact, you may even be able to combine the April and May bank holidays for an even longer break. Start pre-planning now […]

Adventurous Couple goes on 80 000km road trip through Southern Africa

Kirsten Arnold’s #AdventureShare is a beautiful tribute to 2.5 years of allowing dreams to come true. Life is short and fragile and the best time is right now – this is what prompted Kirsten and her husband, Ben, to leave behind their jobs and road trip through some of the world’s most spectacular places. Kirsten’s […]


8 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

By Suzy Reading We all know the importance of adequate sleep and my mantra is: sleep for sanity! Those early days of adjusting to life with a new-born made the connection for me between clarity of thought and sleep blindingly apparent. Yet for many of us, a good night’s sleep can be likened to the […]


Suzy on How Yoga Changed Her Life

A few months ago, Suzy Reading, a UK-based psychologist specialising in self-care, presented a workshop on self-care and we were lucky enough to be there. Her wise, graceful and gentle approach to life was so inspiring that we reached out to Suzy to share her insights with the wider Women4Adventure community. In this #adventureshare, Suzy […]

Solo travel

Travelling Solo through the Middle East: Lydia’s story

Lydia Harris, a 29-year-old HR professional from London, recently decided to escape the big city for an epic three-week solo trip through the Middle East. She loves to travel whenever possible and has recently discovered a new-found passion for solo adventures. We caught up with Lydia on her latest solo adventure. Where I travelled to… […]

Why Ping Pong is the ultimate stress buster

It’s no secret that excessive stress can play havoc with our health. Along with a balanced diet, decent sleep and exercise, ping-pong is a surprisingly effective (not to mention fun) stress buster. Not only does table tennis help to relax our brains, but it also aids us in overcoming anxiety and offers great relaxation benefits. […]

Why Every Yogi should Visit India

My recent expedition to India surmounted my expectations. The country regularly takes all your senses for a simultaneous, bell-blazing, fast-paced bhangra, and just as suddenly, swirls you slowly into a lullabied stillness. I was lucky to begin the trip within the shelter and guidance of a yoga retreat organised by my yoga teacher, Jim Harrington. […]

5 Easy Ways to Relax your Body & Soul

The world is more fast-paced than ever before and finding dedicated time for yourself can sometimes seem impossible. Technology has a big part to play and is both a blessing and a curse. It connects us to people and places around the world and gives us access to endless options, but it also means that […]