Travelling Across the US in a Campervan: Sarah’s story

We’ve featured AdventureShares of all shapes and forms, but few have included all the themes of Women4Adventure. Sarah Van Remoortere’s tale of adventuring across the US in a campervan seems to tick all our boxes. She and her boyfriend landed in New York, bought a van and headed cross-country. Along the route they camped, cycled, […]

Why You Should go on a Canoe Safari in Zambia

By Stephanie Adams Typically you can’t canoe in Africa’s national parks because of the danger of crocodiles and hippos: when they feel threatened they’re known to attack boats! But in Zambia’s Liuwa Plains National Park there are no such waterborne predators, so it’s safe to explore the seasonal waterways which flood and become navigable after the […]

These 6 Female Adventurers will Make you Want to Get Out There!

There was a time when adventure travel was exclusive to bearded gentlemen, but let’s face it – times have moved on. These days, there are women pushing the frontiers across land and sea and smashing world records in every direction. It’s time to look at what running like a girl, climbing like a girl and […]

Why You Should Visit Kyrgyzstan

The locals will tell you proudly that if you rolled Kyrgyzstan out flat, their tiny but incredibly mountainous Central Asian country would be larger than China. The peaks are omnipresent, visible even from the heart of the capital. And as adventure tourism in Kyrgyzstan is starting to kick off, it’s the perfect time to climb, […]

Exploring East London by Kayak

First published in The South African. Photo credits: Genia Nowicki. Talk to any old time East Londoner and you’ll soon find out that twenty years ago East London was a far cry from what it is today. From the Thames to Walthamstow, this part of London will see you hobnobbing among coffee-drinking entrepreneurs, skaters and […]

Top 4 Summer Holidays in the Northern Hemisphere

1. Kayak alongside Killer Whales The northwest of America is home to great cities such as Seattle and Portland and the wild Olympic Peninsula, known for its vast rain forests, Native American influences and being the film location of the Twilight Series. It is in this unique region where you can go kayaking alongside pods […]

Dream Sailing Holiday in Indonesia

Discover the dances, dragons and magical lakes of Indonesia on this spectacular 7-day cruise that runs between Bali and Komodo and back. Fly into Bali and jump aboard for a once-in-a-lifetime voyage.

The Hunt is Over: Healthy Easter Breaks for Everyone

Ditch the Easter eggs in favour of one of Health & Fitness Travel’s top-rated luxury wellness breaks. Whether you choose a healthy breakaway over the extended Easter break or a detox after all the chocolate indulgences, this egg-stensive guide from Tenerife to India has a healthy holiday to meet your wellness needs. The Easter Detox […]

4 Ways to Explore the Great Outdoors of England

The UK has a reputation for having bad weather, but when spring and summer come around, there are few places as glorious as Great Britain. Long winters mean that Brits appreciate and embrace their sunny seasons wholeheartedly. Parks, trails, cycling tracks and gardens turn into vibrant playgrounds for locals and visitors alike. As winter approaches […]