Snowboarding trip around the USA

As part of our #adventureshare series, we were thrilled to have the chance to share Angelica Sykes’ epic adventures of snowboarding her way around the world and most recently on tour around the US. Without further ado, over to Angela… Introducing Angelica Sykes I am half Italian and half British. I was born in the […]

These 6 Female Adventurers will Make you Want to Get Out There!

There was a time when adventure travel was exclusive to bearded gentlemen, but let’s face it – times have moved on. These days, there are women pushing the frontiers across land and sea and smashing world records in every direction. It’s time to look at what running like a girl, climbing like a girl and […]

How to Master Ice Skating

Text & Drawings by Cristina Fernandez (Women4Adventure Ski Expert) Ice skating can be one of the most enjoyable winter activities out there. It’s a great workout and often connects you to the magic of the icy outdoors. However, it’s vital to prevent serious injuries by following a few simple safety tips. After 9 years of […]

Get Ski Ready at UK’s Top Indoor Ski Centres

There’s just something about the outdoors that gives off a certain je ne sais quoi. Swimming in a pool is fine, but swimming in an ocean or a river is magnificent. Running on a treadmill is fun, but running outside as the scenery changes is an adventure. The same thing applies to skiing – outdoor […]

5 Signs You’re Addicted to Skiing

By Tiffany William You dread the phrase, “Summer’s coming!” Naturally as skiers, our three favourite months of the year are the coldest ones– winter season! There’s no question that this is the perfect time of year to cover as much ground as possible, whilst participating in the sport. All long-time skiers and even snowboarders dread […]

What NOT To Do On a Ski Holiday

Hitting the slopes is meant to be a thrill for the senses but a quick glance at your bank balance after booking a ski trip can be quite daunting. You want to be out enjoying the runs, the lifts and the après-ski without feeling the need to start counting the pennies. Not only that, but […]

5 Tips for Beginner Skiers

Skiing is one of life’s great thrills. Those who take to it wish summer away, so that the snows can fall. We chat to Cristina Fernandez del Valle, an experienced skier and snowboarder, about what we need to know when learning the art of skiing. Cristina says… 1. Hydrate & Boost Immunity Altitude sickness can […]

Go Ice Canoeing in Québec

With winter approaching in the northern hemisphere, our Canadian friends are readying themselves for some chilly action. Québec – Canada’s only city with a predominantly French-speaking population – is the home of ice canoeing. This unusual sport was originally a means of transport when too much ice prevented ferries from crossing the St Lawrence River. […]

WIN a supply of nutritional Rush Bars!

To enter, email us a photo of yourself doing something adventurous and tell us where it was taken and what you were doing. The most adventurous and inspirational entrant will walk away with a box of delicious Rush Bars. These wholesome berry-flavoured treats provide perfect sustenance for training and endurance. The top entries will be […]