Running tour in Edinburgh

The 6-mile guided running tour in the Pentland Hills, near to Edinburgh, Scotland, with spectacular views and fun trails to explore.

Adventurous Couple goes on 80 000km road trip through Southern Africa

Kirsten Arnold’s #AdventureShare is a beautiful tribute to 2.5 years of allowing dreams to come true. Life is short and fragile and the best time is right now – this is what prompted Kirsten and her husband, Ben, to leave behind their jobs and road trip through some of the world’s most spectacular places. Kirsten’s […]

Trail running

Trail Running at 57 & Losing 15kgs: Jeanine’s story

What we loved about Jeanine Koopman’s #adventureshare is how it’s so relevant and applicable to so many other women out there. Jeanine, a 57-year-old mother of three and grandma to one, simply decided one day that it was time to shed some extra weight and hit the trails of Cape Town (her hometown). Her journey […]

Discovering the UK through Long-distance Running: Taru’s story

A while ago Taru Jaroszynski wrote an article for Women4Adventure on her incredible journey of trekking and working in Nepal. This time round, she shares her experience of running long distance through various parts of the UK. Originally from South Africa, Taru now lives in London, but regularly heads out into the countryside to hit […]

These 6 Female Adventurers will Make you Want to Get Out There!

There was a time when adventure travel was exclusive to bearded gentlemen, but let’s face it – times have moved on. These days, there are women pushing the frontiers across land and sea and smashing world records in every direction. It’s time to look at what running like a girl, climbing like a girl and […]

6 Best Running Routes In London

From iconic urban trails to inner-city wildernesses, London has some of the world’s most exciting running terrain. Besides keeping fit, running in London doubles up as sightseeing too. Whether you are looking for a head-turning route or one that allows you to switch off, here are 6 of the best running routes in the city. […]

How Aromatherapy Can Boost Your Running Performance

Do you ever wish you could bottle up the smell of a pine forest from an epic mountain adventure?  Well, Jenni Hulburt, the founder of WILD Wellness, is here to show us how to do just that through aromatherapy. We’re delighted to share Jenni’s expertise on W4A. What’s it all about? Essential oils are the […]


Europeans are well accustomed to a festival. Since the beginning of time they have honoured everything from legends to seasons to wine to gods with a show of dedicated celebration.  If you’re planning to escape South Africa’s pending chilly season for a sunny traverse in Europe, plan for it to coincide with one of these […]

Trail Versus Road Running

Ask the Running Expert – Megan Levinson: Is trail or road running better for the body? Interesting question! Of course, there are many theories about this one. And accompanying those theories, different examples of different athletes competing at different levels. For me, this leaves too many ‘differences’ and I would answer this question from my […]

The Perfect Place for an Active Women’s Weekend Away

[Photo credits: Trail’s End] The Elgin Valley is making a name for itself as South Africa’s adventure capital. It is a mountain-biker’s mecca and trail runner’s come from afar for a piece of the magic. Good news for adventurers is that Trail’s End, a brand new hotel aimed at nature lovers and adventurers, has opened […]