Boot Camp on the Beach

Workout with the sea breeze in your hair, toes in the sand and idyllic views of Table Mountain.

#SaturdaySeshWithShaq is a new women’s beach boot camp that takes place every Saturday morning from 7-8am on the beautiful Blouberg beachfront at Eden-on-the-Bay in Cape Town. This is the ultimate way to kick-start your weekend, get some exercise and breathe in fresh sea air. Your coach, Shaheem Lattoe of Fit Factory SA Personalised Training, guides you through an hour of resistance weight training with functional equipment such as sand bags and kettlebells, cardiovascular exercise in the form of plyometrics (e.g. burpees, squat jumps) and jogs. You can also expect a good dose of abdominal and core exercises. The class costs R99 per person per class.

About your Coach

Your coach, Shaheem, has worked with a range of clients, including celebs such as Jimmy Nevis, but he wasn’t always Mr. Fitness. In 2001 he lived in the UK and suffered from the dreaded Heathrow injection –packing on those pounds (literally)! The dreary weather led to Shaheem doing little else but eat, drink and stay indoors.

He got married and soon after returned to South Africa. “After my return, I got weary of people saying: I see married life is treating you VERY well!” says Shaheem. It was time for him to do something about it and this is where his fitness journey began.


“I didn’t want to be a couch potato parent who is unable to run with my kids in the park,” says Shaheem.  “After trial and error with diets and workouts, I eventually went from 110kg’s to 75kg’s, but I still wasn’t completely happy,” he continues. He wanted muscle too and so he started training with an experienced body builder. He got bigger, stronger and fitter and soon people started to notice “People started asking me for advice – that’s when I decided to make my passion my profession,” explains Shaheem.

My experience with Shaheem

I met Shaq (Shaheem’s nickname) through mutual friends on Twitter and soon started training with him. I prefer working-out in the outdoors and Shaheem was happy with this preference. What started out initially as my mission to shed some weight has now turned into a ‘fit’ lifestyle with my newfound ‘fit’ family. My so-called fit family is made up of all the friendly people I have met through Shaheem’s sessions. These include his Saturday sessions, as well as group Sunday hikes.

Working out together in a group is far more motivating, supportive and encouraging, which is why the women’s beach boot camp is a life-changer. I love Shaheem’s holistic approach to fitness. It’s not just about bodybuilding or dieting – he promotes a healthy well-balanced lifestyle and he makes us all feel at ease with his friendly, unintimidating manner, while putting us through our paces! Thanks to Shaheem I lost two dress sizes in two months before my birthday in November. This was achieved through workouts, as well as Shaheem’s sound nutritional advice.

Spots are limited so book now by contacting Shaheem on: For more information about health, wellness, fitness and weekend hikes, click here.

Twitter: @ShaqCT,

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