What NOT To Do On a Ski Holiday

Hitting the slopes is meant to be a thrill for the senses but a quick glance at your bank balance after booking a ski trip can be quite daunting. You want to be out enjoying the runs, the lifts and the après-ski without feeling the need to start counting the pennies. Not only that, but […]

10 Reasons to Cycle the Croatian Islands

So why should you do it? If you enjoy travelling by bike, or if you even just like the idea of this type of holiday, this is the trip for you. Best part is you rent the bike on arrival. Among many different travel opportunities for cycling enthusiasts, group cycling tours around the Croatian islands […]

Underground Tours in Cape Town

Tunnel exploration is an exhilarating urban activity that takes place below the City of Cape Town. Parts of the city’s underground canals and rivers date back to 1652 to a time when they supplied passing ships with fresh water. These rivers eventually became pleasant walkways, shaded by oaks, with bridges going over them and Cape […]

5 Tips for Beginner Skiers

Skiing is one of life’s great thrills. Those who take to it wish summer away, so that the snows can fall. We chat to Cristina Fernandez del Valle, an experienced skier and snowboarder, about what we need to know when learning the art of skiing. Cristina says… 1. Hydrate & Boost Immunity Altitude sickness can […]

Incredible Water Activities for Pregnant Women

“I could hear the whales and dolphins talk under the water.” Pregnancy is an exciting and daunting experience for most women, particularly for first-time mums. Fatigue, morning sickness and swollen feet can easily put you off being active, but according to Cristina Fernandez De Valle, a new mom from Cape Town, staying active is the […]

Table Mountain Trail Run in Pictures

Pro-runner, Megan Mackenzie continues to inspire us. Here she is on a sunny Monday afternoon clambering up Kloof Corner Pinnacle (Table Mountain). Megan and her friend try to find new routes regularly, and this one was one of their all-time favourites! “It’s an awesome challenge of scrambling and picking lines up the ridge to the […]

My Journey with Reiki

My journey with reiki began eleven years ago when I started treating myself to monthly sessions with a reiki Master. The positive effect it had on me, inspired me to want to learn the ways of this ancient art and so I trained to also become a practitioner. Reiki is one of those arts that […]

Run to Travel

There are those who are content with weekly runs through the neighbourhood and then there are those who live for their next 250km trail run through deserts, mountains and trails across the world. Tori Leckie, a Scotswoman who lives in South Africa, is one such a person. She’s completed over 20 ultra-marathons (between 50 and […]