Why You Should go on a Canoe Safari in Zambia

By Stephanie Adams Typically you can’t canoe in Africa’s national parks because of the danger of crocodiles and hippos: when they feel threatened they’re known to attack boats! But in Zambia’s Liuwa Plains National Park there are no such waterborne predators, so it’s safe to explore the seasonal waterways which flood and become navigable after the […]

Overcoming my Fear of Dogs through Hiking

By Clare McLoughlin I watched the final sunrise of 2017 from the top of Mt Toubkal in Morocco. I had climbed a total of 4,167m to get there over two days. For me, the most remarkable part was that two years prior I couldn’t even walk a mile without breaking into a sweat. From Catching the […]

5 Easy Ways to Relax your Body & Soul

The world is more fast-paced than ever before and finding dedicated time for yourself can sometimes seem impossible. Technology has a big part to play and is both a blessing and a curse. It connects us to people and places around the world and gives us access to endless options, but it also means that […]

Wellbeing Holiday in India: Sophie’s Story

By Sophie Ibbotson (@maximum_pr) Morning starts with yoga, the stretching and unfurling of one’s body like the bud of a flower opening in the warmth of sunlight. For the teacher, the positions flow effortlessly into one another; it’s as fluid as ballet. I, on the other hand, am only two days in to Rasa Gurukul’s […]

These 6 Female Adventurers will Make you Want to Get Out There!

There was a time when adventure travel was exclusive to bearded gentlemen, but let’s face it – times have moved on. These days, there are women pushing the frontiers across land and sea and smashing world records in every direction. It’s time to look at what running like a girl, climbing like a girl and […]

WIN 1 of 2 Tickets to Yoga Flow Festival 2018

We’re giving away 2 tickets, each valued at R750 (South African currency), to the Yoga Flow Festival 2018. The festival will be hosted from 21-25 March at Tolderia Resort, 2351 Lothair, Mpumalanga, South Africa. The ticket prize includes 4 nights of free camping & access to 70 yoga & meditation workshops. To enter, LIKE the Women4Adventure […]

My Top 3 Meetup Hiking Groups in London

Clare McLoughlin shares some of her favourite hiking Meetup groups in London with W4A. What makes Clare so inspiring is that she only took up hiking 2 years ago and has since trekked through the Sahara Desert and up Mt. Toubkal in Morocco. Over to Claire… Your Answer to Escaping the City Have you always […]

4 Ways Baltic Amber Promotes Good Health

For centuries, moms and babies have turned to Baltic amber to sooth aches, pains, stress and exhaustion in a natural way. If you’ve ever spotted a baby wearing yellow, gemlike beads around the neck, it’s most likely Baltic amber working its magic on issues related to teething. A natural healer, Baltic amber can be worn […]

How to Master Ice Skating

Text & Drawings by Cristina Fernandez (Women4Adventure Ski Expert) Ice skating can be one of the most enjoyable winter activities out there. It’s a great workout and often connects you to the magic of the icy outdoors. However, it’s vital to prevent serious injuries by following a few simple safety tips. After 9 years of […]

Why You Should Visit Kyrgyzstan

The locals will tell you proudly that if you rolled Kyrgyzstan out flat, their tiny but incredibly mountainous Central Asian country would be larger than China. The peaks are omnipresent, visible even from the heart of the capital. And as adventure tourism in Kyrgyzstan is starting to kick off, it’s the perfect time to climb, […]