Snowboarding trip around the USA

As part of our #adventureshare series, we were thrilled to have the chance to share Angelica Sykes’ epic adventures of snowboarding her way around the world and most recently on tour around the US. Without further ado, over to Angela… Introducing Angelica Sykes I am half Italian and half British. I was born in the […]

Flying machines aren’t just for boys

One woman’s journey to complete the toughest air race on earth. Following on from our first feature on paramotoring (read it here), we’re over the clouds to now feature Lara Kjeldsen’s story. Lara’s story It’s perhaps not surprising that paramotoring is dominated by men—involving the irresistible draw of engines, adventure and, of course, flying—but when […]

Europe’s best single-day leisure cycle routes

There are few modes of travel as good as cycling when it comes to exploring a new destination, especially when terrain is cyclist-friendly. This is where Europe often comes out tops for offering dedicated cycling lanes away from traffic, making it ideal for an activity-based breakaway. The kind folk from Ireland Walk Hike Bike have […]

Boost your wellbeing through woodwork

Woodworking, whether hobby or profession, is an engaging craft that fills up your time, takes up your energy, and employs your physical and creative skills. One could easily take on a DIY project or a home renovation assignment and just get lost in it—in a positive way. And while there could be challenging instances, tiring […]

Couple cycles 20,000km from Germany to South Africa

Hi, I’m Tanya Edwards! Along with my partner, Simon Bihr, I am cycling 20,000 km from Germany to South Africa. We are connecting the tiny dots of our respective hometowns, seeing how the landscapes, weather and people slowly change. We also love to rock climb and what better excuse than to do it than on […]


How to Maximise your Leave in 2019: Be Holiday Savvy

Our friends at Health & Fitness Travel kindly sent over this handy little infographic, which succinctly outlines the key 2019 holidays you can book here in the UK to maximise your leave. In fact, you may even be able to combine the April and May bank holidays for an even longer break. Start pre-planning now […]

Adventurous Couple goes on 80 000km road trip through Southern Africa

Kirsten Arnold’s #AdventureShare is a beautiful tribute to 2.5 years of allowing dreams to come true. Life is short and fragile and the best time is right now – this is what prompted Kirsten and her husband, Ben, to leave behind their jobs and road trip through some of the world’s most spectacular places. Kirsten’s […]

Hiking Solo in Norway: Mary’s story

27-year-old Mary McPherson, who works for a small social enterprise tackling education disadvantage in London, is one of those people who uses every holiday to max out on travel and exploration.  A self-proclaimed travel addict, she balances a busy job with frequent trips to new corners of the world, particularly Europe where she can be […]


8 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

By Suzy Reading We all know the importance of adequate sleep and my mantra is: sleep for sanity! Those early days of adjusting to life with a new-born made the connection for me between clarity of thought and sleep blindingly apparent. Yet for many of us, a good night’s sleep can be likened to the […]

Hiking in the Drakensberg: Yeukai’s answer to balancing big-city life

Originally from Zimbabwe, Yeukai Martina Gukwa now lives in Johannesburg (South Africa) and works in the hospitality industry, which means long hours and lots of pressure. Her go-to way of recharging her batteries is to turn to hiking alongside her children and friends over the weekends. In this #adventureshare Yeukai talks about how hiking has […]