8 Unusual Facts About the UK

Countries often have some strange or unusual facts that make them unique and special. Here on Women4Adventure we have already looked at 4 unusual facts about continental Europe. We now turn our attention to the United Kingdom and look at 8 unusual facts that make this country so unique.

1. Great or United?

A common misconception about the UK is that it is interchangeable with Great Britain. The full name of the UK should give you a hint: the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. When we say UK we include Northern Ireland, when we say Great Britain we don’t.

2. It’s English But Not As We Know It

The UK is famous for its language. English is one of the world’s universal languages and is the third most spoken language in the world. While UK citizens all speak the same language they often sound completely different depending of the region they are from. In fact, accents are estimated to change around every 25 miles.

3. Respect From the Queen

If you are lucky enough to reach your 100th birthday you will receive a personalised card from the Queen. The card features a portrait of Her Majesty along with a signed message of congratulations.

4. Two Minute Flight

Amusing Planet reports that the world’s shortest commercial flight is between the Scottish islands of Westray and Papa Westray. The two Orkney Islands are 1.7 miles apart and the journey can take only 47 seconds on a clear day. The islands are popular tourist destinations with the island of Papa Westray being home to over 60 archaeological sites.

5. World’s First Passenger Train Station

The oldest railway station in the world is the Liverpool Road station in the city of Manchester. It was opened in 1830 and was operational until 1975. The station is now part of Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry.

Today, Manchester still plays an important part in transporting people around the country. Parking4Less that operates out of Manchester Airport, states that the hub is one of the busiest in the UK with the city serving as the main gateway to the north of the country. According to the parking site, travellers coming into Manchester can easily reach the city centre by taking a train direct from the airport to Manchester Piccadilly station (which opened 12 years after Liverpool Road).

6. Keep Calm and Carry On

The Keep Calm and Carry On posters have become a symbolic part of the British character. The original posters were designed in 1939 to boost morale at the start of the Second World War. Today there are countless humorous imitations based on pop culture references.

7. Island Nation

The UK is famous for being an island nation and nowhere in the country is more than 75 miles from the sea.

8. Fish and Chips

The UK’s national dish of fried fish with chips is as much a part of the country’s identity as the Queen herself. While fish-and-chips is most commonly identified as being a seaside snack, the first fish and chips shop was opened in London in 1860 by a Jewish immigrant called Joseph Malin.


All photo credits: Pixabay.

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