Your Guide to Asian Travel Etiquette

Travelling through Asia can be one of the most exciting and mind-expanding experiences you can have, but it’s important to be mindful of theĀ  unique social customs and etiquette you’ll find along the way. Familiarising yourself with these before you land in the arrivals lounge is a sure way of making your journey that much more enjoyable. TantraYogaThailand shares an infographic, which explores the many differing social customs across the 5 most popular Asian travel destinations. From Chinese chopstick etiquette to respecting the Thai monarchy, this infographic covers everything you need to know before venturing to Asia.

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  1. Great and informative post! Back when visiting Bangkok, I’ve had friends tell me these things and they’re serious about their laws. I like the “Bowing Emperor” gesture. I never knew the backstory to that. Thank you for sharing your insights. This will definitely be handy in my next Asian trip. ^Eric

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