Suzy on How Yoga Changed Her Life

A few months ago, Suzy Reading, a UK-based psychologist specialising in self-care, presented a workshop on self-care and we were lucky enough to be there. Her wise, graceful and gentle approach to life was so inspiring that we reached out to Suzy to share her insights with the wider Women4Adventure community. In this #adventureshare, Suzy […]

Why Every Yogi should Visit India

My recent expedition to India surmounted my expectations. The country regularly takes all your senses for a simultaneous, bell-blazing, fast-paced bhangra, and just as suddenly, swirls you slowly into a lullabied stillness. I was lucky to begin the trip within the shelter and guidance of a yoga retreat organised by my yoga teacher, Jim Harrington. […]

Wellbeing Holiday in India: Sophie’s Story

By Sophie Ibbotson (@maximum_pr) Morning starts with yoga, the stretching and unfurling of one’s body like the bud of a flower opening in the warmth of sunlight. For the teacher, the positions flow effortlessly into one another; it’s as fluid as ballet. I, on the other hand, am only two days in to Rasa Gurukul’s […]

WIN 1 of 2 Tickets to Yoga Flow Festival 2018

We’re giving away 2 tickets, each valued at R750 (South African currency), to the Yoga Flow Festival 2018. The festival will be hosted from 21-25 March at Tolderia Resort, 2351 Lothair, Mpumalanga, South Africa. The ticket prize includes 4 nights of free camping & access to 70 yoga & meditation workshops. To enter, LIKE the Women4Adventure […]

9 Simple Yoga Practices for Your 9-5 Desk-bound Job

There are many fantastic ways to integrate your yoga practice into your daily work route. These practices can easily supplement your work flow and keep your body feeling up to the task at hand. Take Mindful Breaks Avoid those extra caffeine and sugar-monster missions and social media trawls. This will crowd your mind, cloud your […]

Easy ways to Stay Grounded over the Silly Season with Yoga

The most certain way to stay grounded is simply to not take flight! Tuck those wings right on in and straighten that halo of yours a tad. Remaining level-headed requires a bit of discipline during these festive times as it is a lot easier to get carried away with the frantic energy that is being […]

The Best Diet Advice from Our Yoga Expert

Ask the expert – What type of diet is most complimentary for a good yoga routine? Our Yoga Expert, Zoelle Horowitz, is a medical doctor and experienced yogi. She shares her answer with Women4Adventure. I am a firm believer that your diet is the cornerstone of good health and see food as a form of […]

How Yoga Can Help you Sleep Better

Ask the Medical Expert –  “Can yoga help with sleeplessness and struggling to fall asleep? What techniques would you recommend?” Sleepless nights were a massive burden in my life in the past. Yoga has been an incredibly successful remedy for attending to my sleeping difficulties, it has perhaps liberated me from insomnia for life! This […]