3 Cities for your Christmas Bucket List

As we gear up for Christmas 2018, we thought we’d share a few of our favourite festive season cities. Vienna, Austria Vienna has one of the most dazzling Christmas seasons in the world. Every year the city is transformed into a winter wonderland where you can wander through Christmas markets, listen to choral music, watch […]

Easy ways to Stay Grounded over the Silly Season with Yoga

The most certain way to stay grounded is simply to not take flight! Tuck those wings right on in and straighten that halo of yours a tad. Remaining level-headed requires a bit of discipline during these festive times as it is a lot easier to get carried away with the frantic energy that is being […]

Northern versus Southern Hemisphere Christmas?

Christmas time is when destinations become competitive. Cities step forward with their most elaborate sparking lights, ice rinks grow in size by the year and shops puff out their most dazzling feathers. The ultimate question however remains: Is Christmas season best in the northern or southern hemisphere? As with most things in life, there are […]