Mountain Fly Fishing Tour in South Africa

Price: £21050pp

Duration: 7 days

In a Nutshell...

A fishing adventure in the foothills of African mountains. This tour is suitable for beginners or experienced fly fisherwomen and takes place in the breathtakingly beautiful South African Drakensberg mountains. If you crave the peace and tranquility of remote mountain fly fishing, then look no further.

Full Tour Details

Over 7-days you’ll enjoy the search for trout in well-maintained lakes and rivers, surrounded by unspoiled mountains. Begin by checking your gear or renting what you need in Durban and then setting off for the countryside leaving the city-life behind you. After some river action on the second day, you take a 1-day break from fishing to visit Lesotho via the world-famous Sani Pass. You’ll then settle in to your rustic mountain fishing lodge for three days in order to find some trophy trout. Your last day will start with an early fish before you head back to Durban with a stop along the way for a well-earned lunch.

Tugela Tours is South Africa’s only escorted tour operator specialising in luxury golf, safari, fly fishing, and beach tours. Based in KwaZulu-Natal, their activities and locations are hand-picked for the finest scenery in which to create once-in-a-lifetime experiences and memories.

This woman-only tour is open to individuals or groups of up to six, where you’ll have access to our experienced local fishing guide. If you’ve fished for years and have all the gear then you that’s great. However, if you’ve arrive in Durban with nothing more than a keen attitude, Tugela Tours’ experienced team will kit you out with everything on a rental basis. Halfway through the tour, you’ll go in on a 4x4 drive for cold drink and a passport stamp to remember at the world's highest pub in Lesotho, via the world-famous Sani Pass.


  • Hearing your reel scream as one of the largest trout in Africa tears away your fishing line
  • Watching the dawn mist rise off lake Mount Arthur, high in the Drakensberg mountains
  • Seeing the bright Milky Way galaxy stretch across the sky knowing the nearest farmhouse is an hour away
  • A cold drink at Africa’s highest pub in Lesotho


Day 1 - Meet in Durban and drive to the Drakensberg mountains
Day 2 - River fishing outside Underberg
Day 3 - Sani Pass excursion
Day 4 - Drive to the basic lodge for stillwater fishing
Day 5 - Stillwater fishing in the Drakensberg mountains
Day 6 - Stillwater fishing in the Drakensberg mountains
Day 7 - Early fishing, then drive back to Durban


Tugela Tours runs this rustic Mountain Fly Fishing Tour in the fishing seasons of April-May and September-November 2019 and 2020. Women4Adventure readers will recieve a 5% reduction on the price quoted. Make booking enquiries to

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