Travelling Solo through the Middle East: Lydia’s story

Lydia Harris, a 29-year-old HR professional from London, recently decided to escape the big city for an epic three-week solo trip through the Middle East. She loves to travel whenever possible and has recently discovered a new-found passion for solo adventures. We caught up with Lydia on her latest solo adventure.

Petra Jordan

Lydia in Petra, Jordan.

Where I travelled to… I spent three weeks exploring Israel. I started off in Tel Aviv visiting the markets, beaches, restaurants and bustling nightlife. Next stop was Jerusalem for the holy city and sights. Following that I spent a week in the Arava Desert where I briefly volunteered at a wildlife reserve, snorkelled in the Red Sea, swam in the Dolphin Reef in Eilat and visited the stunning sights of Petra in Jordan. After that I based myself in Tel Aviv and did excursions to Masada, the Dead Sea, Haifa in the North and the beautiful Baha’i Gardens.

Red Sea

Coral Reef at the Red Sea, Eilat, Israel.

Why I travel solo… I want to push myself out of my comfort zone of everyday life and really get the chance to connect with myself. Solo travel enables me to make decisions on how, when and where I’m going. It means following my own itinerary- I can change my mind as much as I like! I find when I’m solo travelling I’m most open to making new connections and friendships which is so much fun!

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Bahai Gardens, Haifa Israel.

Bahai Gardens, Haifa Israel.

The Ancient Nabatean Treasury, Petra, Jordan.

The Ancient Nabatean Treasury, Petra, Jordan.

What I love most about solo travelling…Solo travelling made me feel brave and powerful and showed me that I can meet so many interesting and like-minded people in the world, that everyday can be a spontaneous adventure or a lazy afternoon!

What’s most challenging about solo travelling… Taking lengthy journeys when you are really tired or hungover, missing flights and transport,  getting lost and not having Wi-Fi when you really need it!

My greatest solo journey yet… This was my first solo trip and it was the best trip of my life to date! I’ll be planning another one soon.

My best memory of this trip…So many incredible memories,  but some of the best nights were spent on the rooftop bar of Abraham Hostel in Tel Aviv and swapping travel stories with new friends and fellow solo travellers on a swing in Jerusalem.

Top tips for women who want to travel solo in the Middle East…
• GO with the flow, when things don’t go to plan just re-shuffle and stay flexible because everything usually works out one way or another.
• ASK for recommendations, help, directions, tips because locals and travellers are very friendly and helpful (most of the time).
• BARGAIN- don’t accept the first price you are offered.

Hai Bar Yotvata, Southern Arava Desert, Israel.

Hai Bar Yotvata, Southern Arava Desert, Israel.

My next bucket-list journey… Mexico, Fiji, Egypt & Slovenia.

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