5 Signs You’re Addicted to Skiing

By Tiffany William

You dread the phrase, “Summer’s coming!”
Naturally as skiers, our three favourite months of the year are the coldest ones– winter season! There’s no question that this is the perfect time of year to cover as much ground as possible, whilst participating in the sport. All long-time skiers and even snowboarders dread the phrase, “It won’t be long now until summer!” It makes you feel winded. When this phrase is thrown around, you find yourself desperately looking at upcoming ski deals to fit in one last hooray before the sun takes over.


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You Stay as Close to Ski Lifts as Humanly Possible
Most dedicated skiers will try their best to stay as close to ski lifts as possible. A lot of time can be wasted making your way from your chalet to the slopes. You’re often required to wear your skis, before even stepping onto the snow, which slows you down significantly. For this reason avid skiers often request a room or apartment as close to the ski lifts as possible – this allows maximum time on the slopes instead of getting to and from. On my recent ski trip Mark Warner Ski Holidays was happy to accommodate my request of staying close to a lift. If your addiction is getting the best of you, put in your request.
You Spend All Your Money on the Cause
In general most extreme sports are expensive to participate in. This applies heavily to skiing and snowboarding; as equipment can be pricey depending on how high-range you go. Standard skiing fees at resorts and courses also add to the expense. For this reason even keen skiers don’t go skiing every week, as it just isn’t favourable on the bank balance. As a ski addict you’re always waiting for the next pay check or you’re breaking the bank (when your addiction is in full swing) to get back on the skis.
Your Appearance Changes
When you’re used to putting on only the most practical and comfortable clothes underneath your waterproofs for the slopes, you’ll soon realise that this sense of style transpires to your everyday life. Yes, skiing can ruin your fashion sense! This philosophy of comfort-before-style becomes applicable to all the clothes you wear, day and night. Embrace it; no longer will you be a prisoner to fashion!


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You Thrive on Second-hand Experiences                                                                                                                  When you’re not on a ski trip, you’ll find yourself on social media channels following the experiences of other skiers. And you’ll become frustratingly jealous. Your time is spent on winter sport forums, chatting to fellow ski addicts, typing “skiing” into Pinterest, admiring photos taken from the top of the world’s most famous mountains or simply just looking for suggestions on where to plan your next trip. The latter is perhaps the best option for keeping your sanity.


About the Author: Tiffany William is a UK-based interior designer by trade and a skier by hobby. Have a look at her interior design blog here.

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